Listcrawler No Regrets – Lily Larimar – FULL VIDEO


Josh (Alex Jett) and his girlfriend Chrissy (Lily Larimar) work as baristas in a café. Josh wipes a corner of the counter while Chrissy prepares some empty coffee mugs. Chrissy tries to make small talk about her weekend plans, but Josh pulls out unusually. When Chrissy asks what’s going on, Josh finally confesses that he cheated on her. Chrissy gasps and drops the empty cup. It breaks into pieces.

Chrissy is heartbroken at this revelation. Josh says he cheated because Chrissy was just too uptight and he wanted to have sex that was a little wackier. Chrissy says she can change, but Josh doubts. She insists she can and says she can prove it. When Josh asks how she can prove it, she offers to give him a blowjob under the counter while he pretends to work.

Josh is frightened, but he licks his lips, a spark of desire ignites in him. Even so, he hesitates and says they could get into trouble. Plus, it doesn’t sound like Chrissy at all, so it irritates him a little. Chrissy begs Josh to give her a chance and eventually Josh’s cock wins, so with nervous excitement he agrees to let Chrissy do this.

Chrissy gets down on her knees and gives Josh a blowjob under the counter to prove she can be arousing. Although Chrissy is nervous at first, she begins to feel the thrill of what she’s doing. Josh is surprised and pleased.

But now that Chrissy has gotten the taste for it, will Josh get more than he expected?

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