Why Should You Have All The Fun? – Sheena Ryder – FULL VIDEO


Paul (Dante Colle) is at his best friend Dave’s house when Dave (Codey Steele) blurts out that he was having sex with stepmother Sharon (Sheena Ryder)! Paul is shocked and doesn’t believe Dave at first. They always joked that Sharon had something for Dave, but they never really believed it. Dave assures Paul that he means business – he accidentally stepped into Sharon while showering last night. It wasn’t the first time this had happened over the years, but this time something – Dave can’t quite tell what exactly – was different. Sharon just gave him this LOOK, and then one thing led to another.

Paul seems overwhelmed by what Dave is telling him, but also a little jealous. Paul hasn’t done much to hide his attraction to Sharon since she joined the family. As they talk more about the sex, Paul’s eyes sparkle opportunistically when he has an idea. He suggests that the next time it happens … maybe HE could join in too? Dave is surprised by the proposal and initially refuses. Under no circumstance! What a shitty thing to ask! But Paul argues that Dave shouldn’t be the only one having all the fun – Dave knows he’s always had a thing for Sharon, so Paul, as Dave’s best friend, should be a part of the action too!

For the first time, Dave seems to be seriously considering it, but still hesitates. Paul then reminds him of all the things HE has done for Dave over the years and adds, ‘You owe me man!’ This is almost enough to convince Dave, but he still expresses doubts and fears that a threesome with his best friend might be too strange – even IF Sharon agrees. Paul replies that it’s certainly no stranger than when a guy has sex with his stepmother, and Dave can’t argue with that. He finally gives in and agrees to do and ask Paul a favor.

Later that day, Sharon is relaxing in the living room when Dave and Paul walk in. Sharon greets Paul and says that she didn’t know the boys would come over today, she thought they would spend the evening at Paul’s house. Judging by their excited mood and the way they look at her and dodge the subject, Sharon can see that they obviously have something to say and encourages her to tell her what is on her mind.

Paul in particular is nervous when Dave takes the lead and puts it in front of Sharon and hesitantly asks if the boys can split them into a threesome. Sharon is shocked at the proposal, but her shock is overshadowed by her misfortune that Dave told Paul her secret. She scolds Dave and tells him that he KNOWS how much is at stake and shouldn’t have told anyone. He promised not to. Dave apologizes but swears it’s okay, Paul is his best friend and wouldn’t tell anyone – he just wants to have some fun. But – even though her body language suggests she’s tempted – Sharon declines her offer, insisting that it wouldn’t be a good idea. It is one thing to take the risk of being found with your stepson, but if Paul’s parents ever found out what they did, their reputation would be ENDED, she would be chased out of town!

But the guys push her further and lure her with the promise of two energetic young men who will satisfy her every sexual need. Despite her better judgment and willingness to do the right thing, Sharon’s sexual appetite ultimately triumphs over any concerns she has.