Valentines Day Dick In A Bag – Jessie Saint & Kyler Quinn – FULL VIDEO


Jessie Saint and her boyfriend Kyler Quinn aren’t having Valentine’s Day, but they want to do someone good. They decide to make Valentine’s Day cards for Jessie’s stepbrother Codey Steele. Codey accepts the girls’ cards, but he misinterprets their intentions. While Jessie and Kyler were just trying to be cute, Codey took it as a Komeon. He returns to give them a present: a bag with his tail in his bottom. Kyler is the first to take treats from the bag, but when she reaches the D she tells Jessie that she thinks this is for her. When Jessie finds out what’s in the bag, she freaks out and takes off.

Later, when Kyler and Jessie try to discuss what happened, Jessie admits she feels bad about her reaction. She’s a lot more into Kyler than her stepbrother, but she’s ready to get into lingerie with Kyler and call Codey into her room so they can apologize. When Codey arrives, Kyler reaches out to pull his Hardon out of his shorts. When Kyler is on her knees sucking out Codey, Jessie comes behind her to take off her thong and eat her up.

Kyler turns and wiggles her ass to invite Codey to stick balls deep inside her from behind. Meanwhile, Kyler sinks her face into Kyler’s puss for a musky feast. She gets Jessie off with a groan, then helps her friend climb Codey’s fuck stick. Once Jessie settles down, Kyler hops on Codey’s mouth to ride his tongue while Jessie rides his cock. The girls swap places with Kyler Codey riding in reverse cowgirl while Jessie places her pussy on his face. They end up with Codey fucking Jessie until he’s ready to blow his load. Codey squeezes deeply as he reaches the end of his stamina and saturates his stepsister with a creampie of hot cum.

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