Time Well Spent – Rebecca Volpetti – FULL VIDEO


Charming Rebecca Volpetti enjoys an indulgent bath with a selection of fruit and wine. She enjoys her treats and the hot soapy water as she watches her boyfriend, Sam Bourne, shave. This intimate scene is just the start of their time together.

Coming out of the bath, Rebecca dries up and puts on an outfit designed to seduce. Her top barely covers most of the essentials, while her skirt is so short that she rolls up easily to show off her bare pussy. No panties for this hottie.

When Sam comes out of the bathroom, Rebecca is all set for him. She slides her hands over her slim body and captures his lips in a hot kiss. Relieving Sam from her towel, Rebecca is delighted to see her stiff come free. What better invitation to bend over and start sucking? Once she starts sucking her lover, she is ravenous for cock. Her BJ is a sloppy deepthroat delight as she puts Sam on her back.

With Sam lying in bed, it’s a simple thing for Rebecca to take off her skirt and get on board for a steep ride. She has all the right moves when she rides this D. The sultry waves of her hips get the party started. Then she turns around so Sam can hook her hands under her knees and push in and out that velvet glove.

Coming up on her knees, Rebecca remains impaled on Sam’s fuck stick. Now she can make her way to another big O. Bouncing on that cock, Rebecca rides Sam hard. It’s an easy transition for him to push her forward so her cheek rubs the sheets as he penetrates her doggy style.

Rolling onto her back, Rebecca welcomes Sam inside with a do me smile and her thighs spread. Her hands are all over the place, rubbing her stomach and squeezing her breasts and nipples. Sam goes deep, and the harder he pushes, the more Rebecca bends her knees back to open up more for her penetration. This complete surrender totally does it for Sam, who sinks completely inside and engulfs Rebecca with a cream pie to end their fuck.

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