The Real Thing – Alicia Williams – FULL VIDEO


Alicia Williams and Jay Romero slow down their frenzy while enjoying each other’s bodies. They take a long time to explore each other’s mouths with gentle kisses. Finally, Jay lifts Alicia’s shirt so he can explore her teenage breasts with slow strokes and gentle pressures. While Alicia enjoys a breast massage, she sits up to fondle Jay’s cock and stoke his passion even higher.

Pulling Jay’s pants down, Alicia leans forward to inhale the musk of Jay’s arousal. It opens wide to take his hardon in her hot little mouth. Sucking him good and deep, she swirls her tongue against the tip to enjoy the hardness of Jay’s cock. When she gets up, Alicia hums with pleasure at the way Jay is kissing the taste of himself on her lips while grabbing her butt and possessively kneading her cheeks.

Guiding Alicia to the sofa, Jay helps her bend down and kneels in front of her. He uses his hands and his tongue to worship her as the goddess that she is. Licking and stroking, Jay focuses on Alicia’s nips, her belly, then finally settles in for a languid pussy feast. When Jay stands up and replaces her mouth with his cock, Alicia practically melts into his arms.

Getting on all fours, Alicia wiggles her ass at Jay to invite him to come back inside. He takes it over, sinking balls deep into the tight glove of her pussy. When he anchors his hands on Alicia’s hips and picks up the speed, Jay puts on a hardcore beat that leaves them both panting.

They slow things down a bit when Jay replaces Alicia on the couch. Lying on his back, Jay watches Alicia grab his erection and resume her pipe. She licks her man’s meat, sucking his balls into his mouth. When Alicia is convinced Jay is ready for more, she climbs onto his knees and impales her bald pussy on his erection.

Alicia begins her ride cowgirl, but she quickly turns around so she can go to town in reverse cowgirl. Her booty bounces up and down on Jay’s fuck stick, but the real pleasure in this position is that Jay can reach out and dig his fingers into Alicia’s round ass. The more Alicia leans forward, the harder her ride and the deeper the penetration. As an orgasm overwhelms her, Alicia turns to lie on Jay’s chest and cover him with deep kisses.

Again on her back, Alicia spreads her thighs to welcome Jay inside. He takes her with slower, deeper strokes until he’s about to cum. When he’s ready to burst, Jay pulls back and explodes in Alicia’s face to let her drip proof of his love.

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