Strictly Professional – Bella Rolland – FULL VIDEO


Ashley (Bella Rolland), a secretary, works quietly on her laptop at her desk. She comes across as very professional and focused on her work.

David (Mike Mancini), her boss, comes into view. He stands upright and is confident, clearly a man of power. Ashley straightens up with a polite smile. Judging by her body language, it is clear that she has secret feelings for him but doesn’t act on them.

When Ashley briefs David on some matters, there appears to be some sexual tension between them. David takes a step towards her to kiss her. Ashley is caught in the moment but pulls back before they kiss in shock. David tries to convince her to have sex by comparing an old way of working and living with the modern. Ashley is tempted but concerned that she doesn’t want to divorce David and his wife Megan. David insists that he don’t leave his wife and just look for some fun.

Despite her temptation, Ashley ultimately rejects his advances, insisting she doesn’t feel right about possibly hurting Megan. David doesn’t seem too disappointed and tells Ashley that the door is always open if she changes her mind. David then apologizes to go to his office.

After David leaves, Ashley is still stunned but conflicted. She keeps looking thoughtfully back into his office, as if thinking about whether or not to follow him.

She tries to concentrate on work again, but her gaze wanders back to his office.

Days later, Ashley seems consumed with thoughts of being with David, but feels guilty that Megan may be injured. She decides to find out what kind of person Megan is to see what to do next.
Later that day, Ashley followed Megan to her class. Suspected that Megan is up to no good, Ashley enters the classroom and pretends to be a student. Ashley tries to dirty Megan, but Megan seems like a good person. Megan leaves for coffee before her talk and Ashley follows her.

Ashley tries to go unnoticed as she spies on Megan in the cafe. She is desperate to find something bad about Megan. A customer in front of Megan drops his wallet.

Megan picks up the wallet. She takes out money before returning the wallet to the customer.

Ashley smiles excitedly. This is EXACTLY the justification she’s been looking for to take things to the next level with David. Your relationship goes well beyond a purely professional one

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