She Came On To Me – Dania Vega – FULL VIDEO


Brown-eyed girl Dania Vega has a crush on Seth Gamble, but Seth’s sister would be pissed off if he fucked her friend. That doesn’t stop Dania from wanting to tuck into Seth’s pants. She tries to attract him, first giving him the opportunity to accidentally see her wearing only a towel, then walking to do the laundry wearing only sexy lingerie. When she knows she has Seth’s attention, Dania even shakes that ass to remind him that she cares about all he has to offer her.

Seth manages to hold on until later, when they have gathered to play a game of pool. They talk as they play and Seth tries one last time to fend off Dania’s attempts to get into his pants. Dania doesn’t. She turns the seduction up to an 11 and Seth is soon putty in his hands.

Hopping onto the pool table, Dania spreads her legs and pulls up her miniskirt to reveal that she is not wearing panties under her dress. Seth doesn’t need much more coaxing before he gets down on his knees and starts lapping up on this cream-filled delight. Raising his hand, he squeezes Dania’s small breasts to double his pleasure.

Dania gives all she gets when it comes to oral sex. Crouching down, she brings Seth’s fuck stick to her mouth so she can start lapping her head. It wasn’t long before she opened it wide to start sucking him good and deep. She continues until she can’t wait another moment to have Seth inside her. Climbing up onto the table, Dania opens her legs to welcome Seth inside.

Seth then finds himself on the pool table, with Dania straddling his hips. She sinks slowly and slowly to appreciate the feel of him inside her at first. Gradually, however, Dania’s bouncing punches accelerate. Eventually, she turns around for a reverse cowgirl ride that really makes her small tits tremble with the speed.

When Dania is finally satisfied with her stiff turn, she jumps off the D and opens up to start sucking Seth again. She’s brilliant with her hands and mouth, and it doesn’t take long before Seth can wait another moment. He blows his load all over Dania’s open mouth and face, leaving her covered in cum and so happy.

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