Ready Or Not – Mona Blue & Tiffany Tatum – FULL VIDEO


Mona Blue and Tiffany Tatum are the sexiest lesbian couple as they get in the shower together. Between the hot spray of water and their own tender touches, the girls indulge in a sensual bathing experience. As they finish their wet pleasure, they gaze over to the bed where Matt  watches the show and waits for his chance to join in the fun.

The girls dry off then join Matt in bed. They work in tandem, stroking Matt’s hard cock and depositing kisses on his lips. Tiffany is the first to pull Matt’s fuck stick out of her panties. On her stomach, she licks and sucks on her favorite treat as her heels recede with obvious pleasure. Eventually, Mona launches into the blowjob action as Tiffany turns her attention to Matt’s ball sucking.

Next, Tiffany finds herself on her back with Matt’s tongue working the soft folds between her thighs. Mona is right there with Tiffany, stroking her girlfriend’s tits and spraying her with kisses. As Mona watches Matt eat Tiffany, her hand slides into her own pussy to rub her clit. Eventually she climbs onto Tiffany’s mouth so that Tiffany can lick her pussy even though she keeps getting one.

When Matt kneels down, Mona leans forward to suck some more. Then he guides himself in Tiffany’s dripping pussy. Since Mona is still riding Tiffany’s mouth, she can easily kiss Matt as they each shake their hips to make sure Tiffany’s pleasure is uninterrupted.

Tiffany stays on her back while Mona organizes herself into a full-fledged lesbian 69. When Mona leans forward to feast on Tiffany’s juice, her rump rises to expose her pussy to Matt. The position is perfect: Matt can easily fuck Mona doggystyle, while Tiffany can alternate between sucking Matt’s balls and licking Mona’s clit.

Then it’s Matt’s turn to get on his back and let his lovers have fun. Mona climbs aboard Matt’s hardon to shake her hips in a sultry ride, while Tiffany matches Mona’s movements across Matt’s face. Eventually the girls come out so Tiffany can ride Matt in a reverse cowgirl while Mona rubs Tiffany’s clit and sucks on her hard nipples. Every time Matt steps out of Tiffany’s dripping glove, Mona sucks him in for Tiffany’s juice and then guides him home.

Beloved and eager to please their boyfriend, the girls kneel together to resume their oral sex. They share beautifully, each sucking and stroking with a single purpose. It doesn’t take long before Matt delivers, bursting into their open mouths to offer the two girls a salty treat.

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