Unqualified Pormhub – Cherie DeVille & Joanna Angel – FULL VIDEO


SCENE OPENS in Cherie DeVille’s office. She’s an important CEO on the phone. Dante Colle, a new employee, peeks into her office with a sheaf of papers. She waves at him and ends the conversation. She signs the papers that Dante brought her, saying that she should sign almost everything in this company, but he should not be afraid of her. Loves initiative employees. Dante says he will do his best because he wants to work well. Before leaving, Cherie admires his gaze from behind.

Later in the afternoon, we see Dante sitting at his desk looking rather busy. Joanna Angel from Human Resources walks in by introducing herself and says it is her job to make sure all staff are treated appropriately so that he can talk to her if he needs help. He can think of her as a friend. Dante thanks her for the information.

Over the next few days, as Dante continues to meet with Cherie while at work, she becomes more and more bold. She calls him “cute”, says she’s not wearing a bra, and even leaves a naughty photo on his desk. In the end, Dante meets up with Joanna and he is shocked to see that Cherie is there too. Two women laugh at him, saying that he is completely unsuitable for the job – they hired him because they liked his BODY. So if he wants to keep this job, he will have to show what a … team player he is. Dante is ready to do anything to keep his job, so he agrees to please the ladies in every possible way.