Lets Not Play Games Por Hub- Lilly Bell – FULL VIDEO


Lilly Bell has had a crush on her roommate Seth Gamble for some time now, but there’s only one problem: Seth has a girlfriend. When Lilly finds out that Seth’s relationship is in trouble, she realizes that it’s finally time to act on her own behalf. She puts her plan into action.

First, Lilly puts on tight lingerie to ask Seth what he thinks of the outfit. Shocked to see his roommate look like this, Seth stammers a response to try to get her out of his room. Lilly doesn’t let Seth’s first rejection scare her. She continues her flirty plan by dressing in a skanky outfit and finding an excuse to go out where Seth hangs out in their common space. This time, she catches him taking a look at her sexy body and she knows it’s only a matter of time before it becomes hers.

When Seth does the dishes even later, Lilly sees that her best chance at having his cock to herself is finally here. Changing into another set of lingerie that Seth has yet to see, Lilly sneaks up behind him. She wraps her arms around him and feels his cock getting hard as he realizes what’s going on. That’s all the permission this hot-blooded blonde needs.

Turning Seth over, Lilly captures his lips in a kiss. Then she drops to her knees to indulge in all the vicious things she’s wanted to do to her roommate. Opening wide, she begins to suck, intimately exploring Seth’s cock. Then she makes Seth understand that he can have whatever he wants as she turns and removes her scarce clothes.

Seth helps Lilly up to the counter and proves he’s a generous lover worth his desire. Using his tongue, he pushes his way through, exploring her soft, smooth folds. Then he puts Lilly on her feet with one foot on the counter to open her wide for their first mating. He dives inside, filling Lilly the way she dreams of, but it’s still not enough for this cock-hungry hottie.

Lilly climbs onto a stool and leans forward, putting her pussy at the perfect height for Seth to fuck her from behind. The meter helps Lilly keep her balance as she appreciates Seth’s big D. It becomes even more important when Lilly gets up and lifts one leg to change the angle of penetration yet again.

Seth then finds himself on the counter with Lilly sucking his own juice from his erection. Then she joins him by climbing to the top. She guides her dripping pussy down to settle on Seth’s man meat so she can flex her hips and indulge in a stiff ride that really makes her moan.

Putting the stool to good use again, Lilly sits on her buttocks, her back supported by the island counter and her legs spread. Seth steps into that welcoming embrace and fits into Lilly’s tight glove. Tossing her head back with pleasure, Lilly lets Seth take her home one last time before stepping back to cover her in his ejaculation as he accepts the claim she put on him.

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