Oral Queens Give Spit Filled – Riley Reid & Skin Diamond – FULL VIDEO


Sexy spark plugs, Riley Reid and Skin Diamond molest a penis in this cock teasing master stroke. We open with Skin on her knees who adores Riley’s crotch. Diamond is wrapped in black lingerie while Reid wears a cheetah print robe with a surprise … The couple begin to kiss with passionate moans. Skin goes back into Riley’s nether and opens their shells from below to reveal their tiny fleshy bush. Nice trick for easy access! Diamond drips a string of drool on Riley’s Kush as she says, “Gosh, what a filthy girl!” A mysterious tail emerges that creates a snarling grin. Skin and Riley get to work creating a steampunk visual of alternating cock and egg sucking. Reid spreads her legs and takes her cunt tickle and bulge while Diamond adds some Spooge lube. Skin dips down and asks “I don’t know what I want to do anymore. Suck a dick or eat a pussy? ”Fine. The slim whores produce more sex images when they clamp the member between their pussies while shearing. Both slide on the tail while the viewer will wish to be in the place of the tail … The scene turns into drooling pleasure. Both Reid and Skin weave drooling nets while jerking off the cock. They easily elicit lumps of sperm from him, which they arrange on plates. Then they consume it and gargle the goop while smiling. Proud of the tantalizing tail-mocking scene that was conjured up …

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