Middle Of The Night – Nikole Nash & Alexia Anders – FULL VIDEO


Emily (Nikole Nash). She is sitting in the car with her best friend Val (Alexia Anders). Val visits her hometown and is on her way to Emily’s house to stay with her. Emily appears strangely defensive when the subject of her controlling stepbrother, Ethan, comes up.

When Emily tells Val that Ethan will be home this weekend, Val is surprised because he shouldn’t be in town. Val smiles politely, but her grin hides a hint of nervousness.

A little later, Emily leads Val into her room. Emily mentions that they haven’t had an extra room since Ethan moved home, so Val has to collapse in bed with Emily. Val playfully says that she doesn’t mind. They already had a million slumber parties growing up together, so why should that be any different?

At that moment the front door opens and closes. Emily immediately stiffened, but very subtly, tense. She quickly looks in the mirror to make sure she is good together. Val sees this and squints suspiciously. Ethan yells’ EMILY? Where are they?’ harsh. Emily calls back that she is in her room.

A moment later, Ethan (Michael Swayze) opens the bedroom door. While the three are talking, Ethan’s interaction with Emily reveals his controlling nature. Val sees this and is suspicious. Ethan leaves and there is an awkward silence as Emily helps Val unpack her bags. Emily has a tight, almost artificial smile on her face. Val examines her closely.

Val then tells Emily that she doesn’t believe Ethan has really changed and insists that he controls Emily. Emily contradicts and defends him again. Eventually, Val confronts Emily with the strange mood she’s been feeling since arriving, but Emily denies that anything strange is going on.

Later, Val is even more exasperated when she sees Ethan watching her put lotion on herself naked in the bedroom. She tells Emily about it, but Emily continues to apologize for Ethan.

Later that night, Val wakes up from her dreams and finds Ethan with her under the covers. She is even more shocked and disgusted to find Emily there sucking Ethan’s cock.

Val tries to convince Emily to quit, but Emily insists she does it because she does and tries to convince Val to go along.

Val certainly found herself in a twisted position, but will she do what her best friend asks her?