Love Me Like That – Ashley Lane – FULL VIDEO


It’s not that Ashley Lane doesn’t trust her boyfriend, Will Pounder. She just finds her phone when it rings. Once she answers the call, she can’t help her curiosity as she browses her phone. Imagine Ashley’s surprise when she finds videos of Will fucking old girlfriends.

Ashley can’t believe her eyes, but she manages to hide the evidence she snooped on before Will catches her red-handed. She tries to move forward, but she can’t help but think about what she saw. The more she contemplates him, the hotter Ashley gets. It takes a day or two, but she ends up looking for Will’s phone so that she can watch the videos again.

This time Will catches Ashley rubbing her pussy while watching the videos. He’s upset, but Ashley feels justified in being upset that Will still has these videos. Finally, they come to a resolution: Will is going to fuck Ashley like he did with his ex-girlfriends.

Laying Ashley on her back, Will makes himself comfortable between her thighs. He pulls up his miniskirt and pulls his panties aside so he can go to work with his tongue. Pulling the top of her dress down, Ashley takes her breasts and strokes her own nipples as Will gives her pierced clit a painstaking toss.

Ashley can’t wait to have some fun as she and Will switch places. She begins with a long, sloppy blowjob. From there she climbs onto Will’s hips and straddles him as she slides down. Fully impaled, she swings her hips as she sets off for a long, vigorous round of stiffness. Turning around, Ashley leans back and puts her hands on Will’s chest as she bounces faster than ever in a squirting orgasm.

When Ashley steps down from the D, she kneels down and feels Will’s hands close on her hips. Holding himself in place, he walks home into Ashley’s wet pussy. Ashley’s position allows Will to dive deep, making her moan in sheer delight on his girlfriend’s lips as she imagines all the girls Will has ever pounded.

Throwing Ashley onto her back, Will lifts one of her legs and starts pounding again. He gives it to Ashley as she meows in pure pleasure, making sure she has had all the pleasure she can take. Pulling back, Will lets Ashley wrap her hand around his cock and pull it until it bursts onto her smooth bald pussy.

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