January 2021 Fantasy Of The Month – Kyler Quinn – FULL VIDEO


Kyler Quinn is ready to be served by the hottie of his dreams, and Troy Francisco is eager to take on the role. Dressed in an outfit reminiscent of a servant’s, Troy comes into the kitchen to make all of Kyler’s dreams come true. He captures her lips in a kiss and puts his hands on her small tits and hot pussy.

After tasting the softness of Kyler’s skin, Troy pulls out a tray of sex toys. There’s a fun buffet to be had, and all Kyler has to do is open wide and wait. She jumps onto the counter so that Troy can kneel between her thighs and taste his musk juices. Then she moans with pleasure as Troy presses the first vibrating toy on her clit. Once he starts browsing the toys on the set, Troy doesn’t let go until Kyler’s hips rear in pleasure.

Settling into the bedroom, Kyler lays on the bed to really let Troy do whatever he wants with her using his favorite toys: his mouth and his cock. He starts off with a bit of oral, kissing all over Kyler’s body, then settling between his legs. He rolls her onto his stomach so he can really go into town to feast on that bit. Since Kyler is already on his knees, it’s easy for Troy to squeeze out his erection and stick it deep.

Fucking Kyler slowly and steadily, Troy gathers his arms behind his body. By lifting Kyler to change the angle of penetration, Troy accelerates his punches. Then he twirls Kyler on her hands and knees so she can fill her mouth with his big club. Troy’s deep throat is even easier when he lies down and pulls Kyler to keep sucking.

With Troy’s erection right there, Kyler gives in to the itch to sit up and impale himself fully. It’s a big chunk of meat to ride, and she doubles her pleasure by grabbing a vibrator and pressing it against her clit. She continues her run, then falls back with Troy’s arms guiding her to the perfect position.

After rubbing the head of his cock over her ass in a tantalizing touch, Troy shifts his hips to curl up behind Kyler. Lifting one of Kyler’s thighs, he slides towards the house. Their spooning position is all Kyler wants, especially when Troy gets his hands on the vibrator to bring it to a climax again. Troy gets down on his knees so he can deliver one last good pussy pounding before stepping back and blowing his load all over Kyler’s stomach to finally leave her satisfied with her hard work.

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