In The Right Hands – Lacy Lennon – FULL VIDEO


It’s been so long since Lacy Lennon couldn’t cum. She has tried everything. Masturbating, her boyfriend, nothing helps. Finally, after another morning of failure, Lacy decides to take drastic action. She goes ahead and calls maintenance for a made up repair just to get a fresh potential partner into her apartment.

When Ryan Maclane arrives for Lacy’s service appointment, he has no idea what to expect. Lacy opens the door wearing an oversized shirt and panties and blushes from her recent attempt at masturbation. She tells Ryan that she is going to change into something more comfortable, then makes sure to leave the bedroom door open so Ryan can get a glimpse of her tight body.

Once Lacy is as decent as she is going to be, she guides Ryan to the sink. Kneeling down to show her problem, Lacy wiggles her ass to encourage Ryan to become nice and hard on her. When he responds like any man with red blood, Ryan allows Lacy to release his erection. With a smile at the nice long cock she sees, Lacy takes Ryan’s hand and guides him to the bedroom for fun.

On her back in the bedroom, Lacy spreads her legs so Ryan can go to town to lick her creamy pussy. She answers the phone with her boyfriend and tries to hold back her moan as Ryan continues with his party. The moment Lacy hangs up, Ryan is ready to tuck his cock into his greedy muff.

It still doesn’t do it for Lacy, even when Ryan leans in for a light game of breath. Knocking Lacy down onto his knees, Ryan penetrates her from behind. Doggy style pussy pounding brings Lacy closer to her ultimate goal, but not quite there

When Ryan lies down on his back and pulls Lacy on top of him, she finally begins to believe that she can find her release. Her vigorous pussy starts to twitch as she rides her maintenance guy. Finally satisfied, Lacy slides off the D and strokes Ryan until he can enjoy his own climax on Lacy’s trimmed snatch.

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