February 2021 Fantasy Of The Month – Emily Willis – FULL VIDEO


Damon Dice has a Valentine’s Day surprise for his girlfriend, Emily Willis. In a move of pure romance, Damon left a trail of candle and rose petal for Emily to follow. He’s waiting for her at the end of the path, with rose petals on the bed and sexy lingerie that Emily will wear for both of them to enjoy.

Emily accepts her gift with a smile and a kiss. She wastes no time removing her existing dress and underwear so she can slip into Damon’s gift. Once she puts on the bra and thong, Emily pushes Damon onto the bed and climbs on top of it so that she can deliver a seduction to match her new outfit.

Damon is happy to take whatever Emily is eager to give. He tastes the softness of her lips, then removes the bra to enjoy the hardness of her nipples. Reversing their positions so that Emily is on her back, Damon kisses her supple body to settle between her thighs. He pulls Emily’s thong apart and slides his tongue down her slippery slit. Then he puts his fingers into the action, probing deep into Emily’s soaking wet pussy.

Eager to give Damon the same level of pleasure she just enjoyed, Emily switches places again with her beau. Hand on Damon’s cock, she settles into the perfect position to lower her head and start sucking. His deep throat blowjob gets hotter and heavier as Damon wraps his hand through his hair to control the speed of his strokes.

Since Damon is already on her back, Emily can easily rearrange her position to climb aboard for a reverse cowgirl ride. Sliding her hand between her thighs, Emily rubs her clit as she bounces up and down on her lover’s hardon. When she turns around, she leans forward and kisses Damon even as her hips keep their party going. When Damon reaches out to rub Emily’s anus as she continues to ride it, she can’t help but meow in pleasure.

When Emily finds herself on her back again, she is all smiles to see Damon on top of her. Hanging an ankle around Damon’s shoulder, Emily opens wide for her care. He takes her with long, deep strokes that slide easily through the creamy dripping pussy of Emily.

Emily is not quite satisfied yet. She then knelt down, wiggling her ass cheeks to encourage Damon to take her doggy style. With his hands clutching Emily’s butt, Damon does just that. He finishes Emily off one last time, then pulls back to take his own pleasure of ejaculating all over that ass in a grand, vigorous finale.

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