Deny It All You Want – Vanna Bardot – FULL VIDEO


Richard (Steve Holmes) eagerly awaits the arrival of his stepdaughter Natalie (Vanna Bardot). She’s moving in for the summer, but he’s not been with Natalie since the wedding. Since his wife is out of town, he has to make Natalie feel at home all alone, which makes him a little nervous.

When Natalie arrives, Natalie is very cold towards him, even though he tries to be warm and welcoming. He’s trying to be a nice guy, but Natalie already turns out to be a handful. Even when he offers to bring her suitcases, she is convinced that he only does it because he believes that a grown woman cannot take care of herself.

Despite the bumpy start, Richard continues to try to be a well-meaning parenting figure. But no matter what he does, somehow he always finds himself in … compromising situations. It’s almost as if Natalie WANTS him to see her in a sexual light!

Finally, when one day he sees Natalie’s bra hanging on his door, he realizes that she is doing EVERYTHING on purpose. But when he confronts Natalie about it, it’s obvious that she’s not done with him yet …

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