Can Never Make It Up To You – Gianna Dior – FULL VIDEO


It’s a quiet day when the young woman, Wendy (Gianna Dior), receives a surprise home visit from a stranger, Robert (Will Pounder), whom she has never seen before. She has no idea who he is, but he insists he MUST talk to her. Though tempted to reject him, the stranger’s serious expression tells her that this is serious … and that she needs to hear what he has to say.

Inside, it turns out that Wendy’s parents were killed in a car accident … and that it was Robert’s wife behind the wheel. Wendy is shocked and devastated when she learns his real identity and demands to know why he shows his face afterwards. For Wendy, Robert is as to blame as his wife for being on the passenger side that fateful day. Surprisingly, Robert feels the same – that he’s complicit – and that’s why he’s there. With his wife still in jail, he wants to help Wendy where he can to make amends.

Wendy’s torn. Although Robert seems sincere, she cannot put all the pain and sadness aside. Nothing he does matters anyway as it will never bring her parents back. Although she shows it without commitment, she has the feeling that it won’t be the last time she will see him.

Over the next few weeks, a strange kind of friendship begins to bloom between them. It starts when Robert brings her a homemade meal and takes off from there. As they spend more time together, Wendy begins to look over the terrible tragedy between them. Instead, their resentment towards him is replaced by something much more real: attraction.

But just as Wendy’s wounds begin to heal, Robert drops a bomb and Wendy’s world is turned upside down again.