The Sugar Daddy Experience – Minxx Marii – FULL VIDEO


Minxx Marii is having a hard time paying her bills, so she has been dating guys who have a lot of money and will give her the money she needs. Her stepbrother Tony realizes that Minxx basically exists from a sweet father. When he hears Minxx being rejected by his current man, he moves towards it. He argues with Minxx back and forth, but eventually agrees to lend her some money if she gives him the sweet dad experience. Minxx agrees.

Minxx takes off his shirt and shows her rotating body. Her nipples are already hard when Tony insists that she take off her shorts and turn around so he can squeeze that ass. When Minxx takes her panties off so Tony can enjoy her bald pussy and her firm ass, he slaps him and then guides her into the bedroom. Minxx shows her manual skills and sucks Tony off until he is good and hard. Then he leans on her and spreads her thighs so he can get away with her.

Tony takes Minxx on his back as he reaches down to rub her clit. In response, Minxx moans long and loud. She rolls on her belly so Tony can pound that ass while he fucks her doggy style. Tony likes having the girl on him, so he climbs on the bed and watches Minxx ride him. She starts out in reverse cowgirl so he can keep admiring her tight asshole of hers, then turns around so she can lay back and really go to town bouncing on her fucking stick. When Tony is getting ready to blow, Minxx gets off her D and blows it until he gives her a mouthful of cum. He agrees that she is really worth the money as long as she remains between them who fucked.

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