Step Sis Has The Best Cookies – Kinsley Kane & Tristan Summers – FULL VIDEO


Scouts Kinsley Kane and her best friend Tristan Summers are working hard to sell their cookies. They are having a friendly competition over who can sell the final box. To get there, they still have a few more sales to make. They’re in bras and panties, but Kinsley has a bright idea that she’s going to sell her stepdad cookies right now. Tristan tries to tell Kinsley that she can’t go out dressed like this because her father will have a heart attack. Kinsley goes anyway and makes a sale, which Tristan claims is very unfair.

The girls take a break from their friendly arguments to dress in their scout uniforms. As they finish, Kinsley’s stepbrother, Connor Kennedy, walks by the room. The girls try to sell Connor cookies, but he claims that he only has enough money to buy one of them. Kinsley offers to show Connor her tits if he buys her. Tristan cries badly again, but this time he’s not going to let her best friend put her aside. She also shows her boobs. Not to be left behind, Kinsley pulls out Connor’s erection to begin stroking him. Tristan only hesitates for a second before diving into a double blowjob with her friend.

Kinsley still thinks she’s going to win, so she kneels down and offers her pussy for Connor to fuck her. Of course he takes her to that sweet little dog while Tristan leans back and masturbates when he sees the stepbrothers getting on her. Finally, Kinsley drags Tristan into the action of her eating her friend and then urging her to ride Connor’s cock. On his back, Tristan takes a good spanking in her pussy while Kinsley rides her mouth. That position is enough to bring Connor to a grand finale that leaves Tristan covered in cum with Kinsley licking clean. That’s when Connor confesses that he doesn’t really have the money to buy cookies from any of them.

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