Sneaky Stepsister – Jessie Saint – FULL VIDEO


Recently, Jessica Ryan remarried and moved in her daughter, Jessie Saint, with her new stepfather and stepson. Jessie is instantly hot for her stepbrother, Rion King, but she knows her mom won’t approve if she outright flirts. She decides to get sneaky about her comeons. First, she waits for Rion to brush his teeth, then joins him in the bathroom enclosure. Rubbing her forehead against Rion’s back is just the beginning as Jessie sneaks between Rion and the sink to rub her butt against his cock. Just as Rion bursts a blunder, Jessica sticks her head into the bathroom. Jessica only sees that the new siblings get along well, but remains oblivious to the sexual tension in the room.

Jessie later joins Rion on the couch. She takes a second to assess the situation then begins to crawl all over Rion while pretending she is looking for an earring. Rion tries to defuse the situation by telling Jessie he can see her panties, but Jessie casually replies that her panties are wet because her pussy is soaked for Rion. Jessie has just asked Rion to slip it in when her mom walks in to see what they’re up to. She thought quickly, grabbing a hairbrush and pretending that Rion was going to brush his hair to explain his position on his knees. Jessica is once again in awe of how well the half-siblings get along, so she tells them that she is heading to the store and that she has to be good while she is away.

Now that her mom is out of the way, Jessie can enjoy the fuck she is fighting for. She bounces off Rion’s cock, then turns around so she can stick her breasts in his face while continuing to ride. Rolling onto her back, Jessie stretches out nice and wide so Rion can fit her back in. Jessie’s thigh cradle is wide enough that Rion can even knead her breasts while he fucks her. Jessie receives her final kicks on her hands and knees, swinging back and forth to respond to Rion’s every kick as he penetrates her doggy style. Sated, she ends Rion with a blowjob and a handie that finally make him pop in her face for a sticky ending.

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