My Stepsisters Fetish – Jazmin Luv – FULL VIDEO


Jazmin Luv really loves his half-brother, Zach Wild, but Zach has no idea. As part of her fantasies, Jazmin sneaks into the bathroom and borrows Zach’s electric toothbrush and body massager. Retiring to her bedroom, Jazmin plays first with the massager, then with the toothbrush as she gradually removes her clothes. She just settles in for a full masturbation when Zach walks in. Jazmin has enough warning to cover himself, but Zach won’t leave despite being asked to do so several times. Eventually, Jazmin can’t hold back the moan anymore and Zach pulls the blanket aside to see what his bratty footsteps are up to.

Zach tries to get out, but Jazmin calls him back and swears she’s going to suck his cock and fuck him if he stays. While he doesn’t understand where Jazmin’s offer came from, Zach isn’t about to turn it down. Indeed, Jazmin is true to his word. She starts gobbling up the D as soon as Zach gets close enough, and she’s so good that Zach is okay with using his toothbrush on her pussy to keep his party going too. Then Jazmin turns and offers himself to Zach on all fours.

Anchoring his hands on Jazmin’s hips, Zach comes home to her juicy pussy. She meows with pleasure as she arches back to respond to his deep thrusts. When Zach extracted the first highlight of his super skinny stepsis. He rolls onto his back then helps Jazmin impale himself on his cock. Lifting Jazmin’s knees, Zach helps her bounce at a pleasant pace as she rubs her own clit. Then Jazmin ends up on her back with her stepbrother’s toothbrush on her clit and her stepbrother’s cock in her pussy, the perfect combo to make her cum so hard! Zach gets there a moment later, tugging at Jazmin’s bare pussy. There is very little afterglow before they start arguing again, but at least they know they can forget about their issues for a while.

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