My Cute Stepsister Made Me Tie Her Up – Cecelia Taylor & Kylie Rocket – FULL VIDEO


Kylie Rocket and her friend Cecelia Taylor hang out in Kylie’s bedroom and try to find a way to convince Kylie’s brother-in-law, Rico Hernandez, to fuck them. The girls decide to pull out some bondage gear and tie each other up. They take their time, gag each other and then put obstacles in the way. They yell at Rico and wait for him to find them. He starts with the gags as he unties them and tries to get Kylie to tell him what happened. She’s lying, saying some guys broke in and didn’t hurt or rob them, but they still tied the girls up. Kylie also adds that she had the fantasy of being tied up and fucked by someone she cares about, but that pretty much ruined it. Rico can save the day by fucking her with Cecelia right away.

When Rico hesitates, Cecelia responds to Kylie’s pleas. How can Rico say no to two hot and horny girls who both look great, still tied up in their school uniforms? He leaves the girls tied up and puts them on all fours so he can spank their lush asses and feel how wet their pussies are under their thongs and miniskirts. Pulling the girls into a kneeling position, Rico opens their shirts and palms each of their hard breasts and nipples. He makes his panting half-century and his friend accept that they’ll suck him like good little girls once he gets them to their knees on the floor. Indeed, Kylie and Cecelia keep their promise by sucking Rico’s cock and balls.

Rico doesn’t get any sweeter as he throws Kylie on the bed and slides his cock into her greedy pussy. On her stomach next to Kyle, Cecelia is helpless to do anything but watch her friend get fucked and wait her turn for the same treatment. Rico finally frees the girls’ hands so he can turn them over and start banging his half-century’s juicy pussy again. Kylie reaches out to rub Cecelia’s clit and fingers her meaty pussy, but soon enough Rico moved to Cecelia’s fuck hole and let Kylie watch and masturbate. As Rico lays down on the bed, Cecelia helps Kylie climb on top of him and ride his hardon in reverse cowgirl style. The girls swap places so Cecelia can enjoy the same hardcore ride and indulge in one final climax. With their fantasies finally satisfied, the girls begin to suck Rico enthusiastically deep throat again so he can cum in their open mouths to deliver a cumshot the girls can exchange for a kiss.

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