After Class – Alex Coal – FULL VIDEO


Alex Coal (or Miss Coal as her students call her) is a day teacher, but the pandemic has hit hard and she needs the extra money. This sexy teacher decided to present herself as a sex object. She’s garnered a lot of attention, and her fans especially love her when she begins her content wearing her button-up teacher outfits.

Today Alex goes online and does his thing, stripping down with lots of hip sashaying action. Her glasses come off, followed by her tight sweater. The sheer lace bra underneath leaves very little to the imagination. Ditto with the thong that hides under her tight skirt. This is all just a teaser for Miss Coal fans, but today Alex is ready to take her profile to the next level.

Pulling out his phone, Alex texts Stirling Cooper, who happens to be one of his students’ fathers. Stirling agrees to surrender for a booty appeal, but it isn’t until he sees Miss Coal in person that he realizes who she really is to her. Stirling tries to disengage, but Miss Coal makes it clear that Stirling can either fuck her or watch her fail her. There is only one obvious choice.

Dropping to his knees, Alex makes sure Stirling is able to seal the deal by sucking him to the limit. His cock is quickly ready and eager to go, but Alex isn’t about to cut his BJ off. She loves it with her mouth as she steps out of her bra. It wasn’t until she was satisfied with sucking a cock that Alex climbed onto the counter so that Stirling could do her the favor of oral sex with a pussy feast.

Standing up, Stirling guides himself through Alex’s tight heat. The kitchen island is at the perfect height for him to stand there while he fucks her. Alex eventually turns onto his side, lifting one leg to rest against Stirling’s body so that she is fully open to his hardcore advances.

Sliding off the counter, Alex stands on one leg in a hardcore balancing act. Stirling takes her from behind, pushing her deeply as Alex’s moans fill the room. He hammers this greedy snatch that fills her and stretches her in the most carnal way possible.

As Stirling comes closer to cum, he leans Alex forward over the edge of the counter and pushes her head down. This lying position gives Stirling all the power, letting him push hard and deep. He finally blows his load, shoving a creampie deep into Miss Coal’s pussy and fulfilling both her and his promise.

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